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Most people don’t think about the power of water to destroy until they experience a massive water damage event. This is evident after hurricanes and other heavy rain weather patterns. It is possible to restore some damaged possessions, while others will need to be removed during the clean up process. There are some strategic ways to effectively clean up after water damage occurs according to water damage experts. Safety is the immediate concern. Ensure that everyone is safe before attempting any clean up efforts. Turn off the main water and power supply. Next, call in water damage and mold clean up and removal specialists. Immediately contact your insurance company to report the damage.

It is critical to contain the damaged area. This can save other structures and possessions from further damage. Remember that water can get into below floor spaces, inside of walls and can fill up low lying areas like basements and crawl spaces. Never walk in water if the power hasn’t been turned off. Electricity flows through water and can electrocute anyone even touching the same water source. Wait for the water damage professionals if unsure of the safety status. When able, begin to remove the water, and dry the damaged area out.

Smaller contained water events can be easier to clean. The water damage can be minimal with water pipe leaks, burst hot water tanks or a leaking washer if immediate action is taken. Bigger water damage situations should be handled by water damage and/or mold remediation professionals. Recovering from a property damaging water event is hard enough. Having a reliable water damage restoration crew onsite can dramatically lower overall damage. Contact our friendly team at 615-371-5355 for professional water damage clean up services. Browse around our informative website at for further water clean-up/restoration details.