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Water can damage property due to a number of reasons. While weather events can follow with excessive floods that cause major property damage, indoor appliances that use water can also cause extensive property damage. Ordinary washing machines that leak account for a significant amount of water damage insurance claims each year. Some sources put the number in the top 10 claims filed annually. When a washing machine is located on the second floor, the water damage that results from this appliance can be huge. If the leaking washer is situated next to a common wall in a condo or apartment, the damage amount could get into the thousands of dollars to repair or replace damaged items.

There are some recommended ways to deal with a washing machine flood. Always shut of the water source immediately. This can lessen the overall impact and damage. Quickly inspect the machine back, water filling hoses, drain hoses and water supply connections. Contain the water by throwing down absorbent blankets and towels to soak up the water. If the washer is in a basement/garage that contains a drain in the floor, mop or push the water down into the drain.

Water damage remediation specialists recommend some simple protection measures to prevent major water damage in the event that a washer causes a flood. Install a purchased automatic shut-off valve kit behind the washing machine and place low just above floor. This gadget detects water levels with a sensor. This can save extensive damage if the washing machine connections cause flooding when homeowners are away. There are also drip pans available to place beneath the appliance. Ensure that your washing machine water hoses are the better braided style that isn’t prone to leaks. Read more regarding our effective water damage restoration services via Phone 615-371-5355.