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Mold damage can be difficult to fix correctly. This stubborn fungus spreads swiftly once established inside a home or business. A common cause of mold is previous water damage from weather events like storms, area flooding or an inside situation such as a broken water line. This unwanted fungus can start to develop and spread in just a day or less in the right conditions. It frequently hides inside walls, in an unoccupied attic, down in damp basements and lurking in dark and airless crawl spaces. It is crucial to begin cleanup efforts fast to avoid further property damage down the road.

With the increase in strong storms like hurricanes and severe thunderstorms, home and business owners should be on the alert for evidence of mold following storm events. Mold has a distinct and pungent smell, and this scent can alert property owners that mold or mildew is likely present. Some types of molds are dangerous to people’s health.

Removing mold can be a tricky process, and it is best left up to professional mold remediation companies trained to safely eliminate any mold present and prevent cross-contamination of minute mold spores. Practical mold remediation tips include:

  • Remove salvageable items from contaminated area
  • Contain the mold
  • Properly air out and dry any wet or damp areas
  • Always wear protective attire/gear approved by health & safety experts
  • Discard mold infested items and structures
  • Thoroughly clean & disinfect affected areas
  • Repair mold causative issues
  • Utilize mold prevention options

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