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Sewage Water Removal Nashville


Reasons to Choose Us for Removing Sewage Water

We are proud to operate our now second generation family business with the same values that our family has always held dear. Our team of sewage water removal and restoration specialists offer prompt emergency services 365 days a year serving all of Nashville, TN. 

Dealing with the headaches of accumulated sewer water in basements, crawlspaces and lower floor levels can be overwhelming. This type of water removal can also be dangerous. There are many pathogens found in sewer water, and these microscopic dangers are not seen with the naked eye. 

Sewage water has been known to harbor disease causing viruses, bacteria and minute mold spores. It is best to allow our team to remedy any type of sewage water damage. We have the necessary training, protective gear and powerful equipment to get the job done right the first time.

How We Remove Sewer Water from Inside a Home or Business Safely

When raw sewage and water backs up into the lower levels, basements or crawlspaces inside of homes or commercial businesses, it is imperative to use the proper clean-up processes that begins with sealing off the damaged property areas from uncontaminated areas. The appropriate protective gear and clothing should also be utilized by everyone involved. 

Contaminated flooring, carpets, carpet pads and other surfaces may need removed. Raw sewage may need to be safely cleaned and disposed in bio-hazard bags. Any standing water is then extracted with industrial-strength equipment and supplies. A thorough cleaning and sanitation must be completed, and the wet property must be fully dried afterwards. 

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